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If you like Hetman Oils, you will love Ultra-Pure Oils!

Hetman makes many different oils for brass and woodwinds, and Ultra-Pure makes comparable long-lasting, odorless synthetic lubricants for nearly all the same applications. Here is a list to easily compare the two brands.

Hetman 1 Light Piston Lubricant or Hetman 11 Light Rotor Oil: Ultra-Pure Ultra-Light Valve Oil

Hetman 2 Piston Lubricant or Hetman 12 Rotor Oil: Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil

Hetman 3 Classic Piston Lubricant: Ultra-Pure Black Label Classic Valve Oil

Hetman 5 Tuning Slide Oil: Ultra-Pure Formula 1-3 Tuning Slide Oil or Light Tuning Slide Lube

Hetman 8 Premium Slide Grease: Ultra-Pure Regular Tuning Slide Lube

Hetman 9 Ultra Slide Grease: Ultra-Pure Heavy Tuning Slide Lube

Hetman 13 Light Bearing Lubricant: Ultra-Pure Light Bearing Oil

Hetman 14 Bearing and Linkage Lubricant: Ultra-Pure Linkage, Lever and Key Oil

Ultra-Pure Oils also makes Deluxe Care Kits for trumpet, trombone, horn, low brass, flute, clarinet, alto sax, and tenor sax. Check out our line of cloths, swabs and brushes, too!

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