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Ultra-Pure Formula 1-3 Tuning Slide Oil

Ultra-Pure Formula 1-3 Tuning Slide Oil

SKU: 895603002199

Ultra-Pure Formula 1-3 Tuning Slide Oil is just the perfect weight synthetic oil for your 1st and 3rd tuning slides and triggers (trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, etc.)  This oil allows you to make effortless and fast adjustments to pitch.  Apply a drop or two each week to the slides.


    Remove the 1st and 3rd slides and wipe off any old oil or grime.  Put a drop or two of this tuning slide oil on the ends of the slides and put them back into the horn.  Wipe off any excess oil.  Apply fresh each week for best results.


    We offer one-year unconditional returns, refunds or replacements if you find your Ultra-Pure product incompatible with your body chemistry or if the bottle or jar is defective (leaking, broken or defective cap, etc.). Just contact us and we can work together to deliver the best outcome for your situation.


    We ship worldwide using USPS First Class Package rates.  The shipping is based on the total weight of your purchase.  Delivery takes about 3-4 business days in the USA and 7-10 days to most international locations (but no guarantees - once mailed, the delivery is out of our control). Orders usually ship the same day or the next business day and you will receive a tracking number in your email.


    We offer FREE USA SHIPPING on orders more than $60.

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