Endorsements - What the pro's say about Ultra-Pure Oils

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Wynton Marsalis

I like the oil. It’s good!

Wynton Marsalis - Winner of nine Grammys, the Pulitzer Prize, the National Medal of Arts, and many other awards

Alison Balsom

They really work fantastically!

Alison Balsom - International trumpeter, concert and recording artist

Arturo Sandoval

Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil works really well on my horns--I love the smooth and fast feel!

Arturo Sandoval - Four Grammy, 6 Billboard and Emmy award-winning trumpeter

Joe Alessi

The Ultra-Pure Trombone Slide Lube works very well. It has a good balance of speed and smoothness. One application and I am good to go for a busy day of rehearsals and performances.

Joe Alessi - Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic

Chris Botti

Ultra-Pure Rocks!

Chris Botti - Jazz & pop trumpeter, recording artist

Carol Jarvis

I'm LOVING the Ultra-Pure Trombone Slide Lube! I'm hooked!

Carol Jarvis - Trombone Soloist and Recording Artist

Andrea Giuffredi

Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil is absolutely the best! My valves are super fast!

Andrea Giuffredi - International Soloist and Recording Artist

Adrian Kelly

I tour extensively and need a valve oil that keeps working in any climate. After trying out many types of oils, I found that Ultra-Pure was the best for valves that are quick and free at all times.

Adrian Kelly - Touring artist with Jacky Cheung

Barry Danielian

Chris Botti turned me on to Ultra-Pure. After 30 years, I'm done with my old oil!

Barry Danielian - Trumpet with BS&T, Tower of Power

Bill Reichenbach

Ultra-Pure Trombone Slide Lube is the best I've ever used. I've had a couple of problem slides that nothing else ever worked on.

Bill Reichenbach - Hollywood Recording Artist

Bobby Shew

I think the oil is superb and I could feel a big difference from the first time I put it on. I'm a very happy camper with Ultra-Pure!

Bobby Shew - Recording artist, jazz soloist, and Yamaha Artist

Boston Brass

Peace of mind on the road. Ultra-Pure Oils are the lubricants of choice of the Boston Brass.

Boston Brass - Boston Brass Quintet

Calvin Price

I love the oil and lube. Nothing else has come even close to it. Quite a few of my colleagues are using your products as well.

Calvin Price - LA Recording Artist, Principal Trumpet, San Diego Symphony

Derrick Becker

Ultra-Pure is the absolute best. Ken and his team have designed oils and slide greases that are like nothing else out there.

Derrick Becker - Texas Jazz Artist - Touring with Zac Brown Band

Edward Carroll

I'm usually not a big fan of things slippery and sticky, but Ultra-Pure is unusually good. I've brought a pack out to my studio at CalArts and everyone is knocked out by how much better it is than what they were using.

Edward Carroll - Professor of Trumpet at CalArts, McGill University, and Dartmouth College, Chosen Vale

Hikari Ichihara

I use Ultra-Pure because one application lasts me about one week, and I don’t have to worry about sticky valves during performances any more.

Hikari Ichihara - Jazz trumpeter and recording artist

Ingrid Jensen

With my new Monette, I find that Ultra-Pure gives me the ultimate freedom to focus on playing music, rather than wondering when I'll need to oil things next. I use the oil exclusively!

Ingrid Jensen - Composer, trumpeter, jazz recording artist

Jeremy Pelt

Ultra-Pure Oils makes my job a whole lot easier!

Jeremy Pelt - Jazz trumpet recording artist

Joey Pero

Ultra-Pure is the pinnacle of clean and swift valve action. I love it!

Joey Pero - Performer and Recording Artist

Kiku Collins

I am really loving your oil! Now I can ditch all the other stuff I have around!

Kiku Collins - jazz & pop trumpeter with Beyoncé, Michael Bolton

Malcolm McNab

When my Schilke valves started to let me down at a session at Fox, Rick Baptist said, "Here, try this! you'll love it!" Right away, my valves started working right. Ultra-Pure oil saved my hide!

Malcolm McNab - Hollywood Recording Artist

Michael Manthey

At one of the shows we played at The Blue Note in New York City, I left my valve oil back in the hotel room. I borrowed some Ultra-Pure. The valves not only worked great and fast, but I didn't have to oil my valves the rest of the night. For years I've been oiling valves sometimes several times a set. This oil is great for close tolerance valves!

Michael Manthey - Trumpeter, Maynard Ferguson BBN Band

Mike Vax

Ultra-Pure works great on my Getzen horns! I have finally come home to Ultra-Pure!

Mike Vax - Leader of the Stan Kenton Alumni Band, Trumpeter, Educator, Getzen International Artist

Terence Harper

My trumpet is my most prized possession and I only trust Ultra-Pure for my valve care. It does its job without causing harm to my trumpet. It's great quality!

Terence Harper - Musician - Trumpet Player - Actor

Omar Martinez

I use Ultra-Pure Oils products and the results are truly amazing -- lasts more than other oil brands and stays smooth. I love it! Yo utilizo el producto 'Ultra-Pure Oils' y los resultados son realmente etraordinarios, dura mas que otras marcas de aceites y los pistones se mantienen ágiles. Me encanta!

Omar Martinez - Lead trumpet for Lakewood Church and Marcos Witt Band

Pam Fleming

I love Ultra-Pure Oil and Slide Lubes and have been turning people on to them. Once I "made the switch," I never went back. The oil is smooth, fast, odorless, and lasts longer than any other oil I've ever used. Highly Recommended!

Pam Fleming - Trumpet/flugelhorn artist and composer

Patrick Hession

When you are in that mode of creativity or just pumping out some supercharged air velocities, the last thing you need to worry about is your valves sticking or slides not working properly. The non-toxic, synthetic Ultra-Pure Valve Oil and both of the Tuning Slide Lubes make the most reliable valves and slides on the planet!

Patrick Hession - Lead Trumpet with Maynard Ferguson

Paul Baron

After trying Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil, I gave away all my other stuff! This oil is awesome!

Paul Baron - Commercial Trumpeter, Clinician, Jupiter Artist, Author - "Trumpet Voluntarily"

Phil Teele

I've tried the Ultra-Pure Trombone Slide Lube, and without using any water spray my slide worked GREAT! It was even better with water. I highly recommend it.

Phil Teele - Hollywood Recording Artist

Preston Smith

I love this stuff!

Preston Smith - Recording Artist

Javier Colomer

Finally I have found the best product for my Trombone! Ultra-Pure Trombone Slide Lube really works very well. I love it!

Javier Colomer - Bass and Contrabass Trombonist, Thein Artist

Raul Agraz

Ultra-Pure is the best one on the market today. I can play for weeks without re-oiling and without any sticking problems. Thanks KEN for this amazing product! El aceite "ultra pure" es el mejor en el mercado, puedo tocar durante semanas sin ningun tipo de problema de mecanismo, ni preocuparme de elementos toxicos, lo recomiendo altamente, gracias Ken por este maravilloso producto.

Raul Agraz - New York freelance and Recording Artist

Rick Baptist

Finally after 30 years of using the same oil, I found another oil that is better!!! Ultra-Pure valve oil is truly amazing. I put it on my Schilke piccolo trumpet and didn't play it for a week until I was on a movie and needed the horn. I pulled it out and the valves worked great. That alone made me a believer. The light slide lube is amazing also.

Rick Baptist - Hollywood Recording Artist, Schilke Artist

Roger Ingram

I love the oil!!

Roger Ingram - Jupiter Artist, lead trumpet Harry Connick, Jr.

Ron Miles

I love Ultra-Pure Oil. My valves have never worked better. It is incredibly liberating to not worry about your valves sticking or being sluggish. You can just concentrate on making music. And sincerely thank you for your awesome products.

Ron Miles - Trumpeter and recording artist

Tony Glausi

I love it!

Tony Glausi - Trumpeter, Composer, Producer

Vaughn Nark

Try Ultra Pure Oil. It’s lightning in a bottle!

Vaughn Nark - USAF "Airmen of Note" Ret., Yamaha trumpet clinician, Summit Records recording artist