Usage Tips

Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil is known for its fast and smooth action. It is synthetic, non-toxic, odorless, and very long-lasting.  It is harmless to all metals, including brass, aluminum, stainless steel, monel, nickel, silver, copper, gold, solder, lacquer finish, etc. 

Here are a few tips on how to use our valve oil and tuning slide lubes for best results.


Before using Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil, clean your valves and casings completely with lemon-type liquid detergent and water.  Use a valve casing brush to scrub out old oils by holding the valve casing under running water while sudsing out old oils and grime.   Also, clean the bottom valve caps the same way.  Rinse all the detergent completely. See our tips on cleaning a trumpet.


Let the horn and valves completely air dry.  Cleaning with a rod is not recommended since it can scratch the metal casings and cloths can leave lint or other contamination.


Hold the valve over a cloth or newspaper and coat it with plenty of oil.  Gently shake or blot off any excess oil onto the cloth or newspaper.  When putting the valve back in its casing, do not rotate it since this can cause excessive wear. See our tips on how to oil trumpet valves.


Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil will last much longer than regular valve oils, and it is not unusual for it to last more than one week.  However, when you are first breaking in new valves, it is best to clean and reapply Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil each day for a week or two.


To reapply Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil, first take the valves out of the casings. Remove the bottom valve caps.  Hold the horn over a cloth or newspaper and squirt enough oil into the casings to rinse off any contamination.  Similarly, squirt oil over each valve to remove any visible grime. Gently shake or blot off any excess oil and reinsert the valve into its casing. Finally, wipe off the bottom valve caps and screw them back onto the horn.

Ultra-Pure Valve Oil is excellent for Rotary Valves

Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil is an excellent rotor oil for all types of rotary valves, including the Thayer valves of trombones and the delicate rotary valves of French horns and rotary valve trumpets. Just put a few drops down the slide tubes and move the valves to coat the rotors. Use Ultra-Pure Light Bearing Oil to oil the french horn or rotary valve bearings (spindles) and Ultra-Pure Linkage, Lever and Key Oil to oil all the mechanical linkages and levers. See our tips for how to oil rotary valves of french horn and other instruments.

A few words about our Tuning Slide Lubes

All our tuning slide lubes are non-toxic and compatible with Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil.  The regular weight is used on all tuning slides of brass instruments except for those which must move lightly and easily.  That is where the Light lube comes in.  It is best for the 1st and 3rd valve slides of better instruments which must move quickly and easily for fine pitch adjustments.  The Heavy tuning slide lube is perfect for slides that are worn, leaky, or loose. An instrument freshly oiled and lubricated with Ultra-Pure products feels great! 

Long Term Storage of Brass Instruments

If you have several brass instruments, it is likely that some of them do not get played very often and they sit in their case for months at a time. If the valves are in excellent condition and have close tolerances, the slight amount of oxidation of the brass casings or valves can cause them to stick over time.

If your valves are worn and slides have lost some compression, then Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil is fine for long-term storage. If the valves are like-new or very close tolerance, we recommend our Light Bearing Oil, which is a heavier version of our valve oil and very slow to evaporate. When you want to take it out of the case and play it, just wipe off the valves and apply fresh valve oil (Ultra-Pure Professional or our Ultra-Light Valve Oil). For rotary trumpets, use the Light Bearing Oil on the rotors and our Linkage/Lever/Key oil on any miniball joints, hinges, levers, etc.

We also recommend to open each case about once a month and just rattle the valves and amado waterkeys to keep the oil distributed and prevent sticking or oxidation. If they still feel fine, just close up the case again. If they feel dry, put some more Light Bearing Oil on them.

For very long term storage, you can take the valves out of the casings, wrap them in a clean cloth, and put them in a ziplock bag. When you want to play the horn, just unwrap and oil them and they will be good to go.