Free Trumpet Music - good trumpet warmups, scales, fingering chart and more

Trumpet Fingering Chart - Trumpet Warmup - Scales - High Notes and More! All together, I have posted 94 pages of educational materials for trumpet players.

Besides running a lubricant business, I am also a trumpet instructor and a composer. My recent compositions have focused on music for brass students and professional players.  I offer all my music for free and hope that people will put it to good use. It is all posted here as pdf files.  I will be adding the bass clef versions in the near future.

Let me know if you have any questions about the music or if you are using them in your practice or lessons. Please respect these free studies -- by using them, you are agreeing not to sell them in any form. I own the copyright.

I would suggest that you print these pdf files double-sided and then place them in a 3-ring binder.

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Trumpet Fingering Chart: A one page fingering chart with the most common fingerings. Also fine for cornet, flugelhorn, or baritone in treble clef.

Daily Warm-ups for Trumpet: 10 pages of warm-ups in four sections: long tones, lip slurs, scales, and tonguing. If you play the whole set, it takes 30 minutes. You can make a good warm-up from these by playing one or two exercises from each section. (258Kb)

Tonguing Exercises: 26 pages of studies in single, double, triple, and mixed tonguing.  Also included are some challenging studies based on orchestral trumpet parts. (381Kb)

Low Note Studies: Four pages of studies focusing on the low range of the trumpet. It takes about 15 minutes to play them all and makes a nice warm-up or a warm-down. (129Kb)

Scales and Arpeggios for Trumpet: This book takes you through all the major, minor, chromatic and several modal scales and major, minor, diminished, and augmented arpeggios. 44 pages. (690Kb)

Lip Slur Etudes: Six fairly challenging etudes based on lip slurs (notes that connect without changing the valve combination). (229Kb)

High Range Exercise: An exercise to help develop and extend your high range.  Read the notes on page 3 and don't skip the warm-down at the end! Go only as high as you can without straining. The high notes will come as you become stronger and more efficient in your playing. (146Kb)

If you are having trouble downloading these files, you might need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) from the Adobe website. Click here to go to their website and download and install the reader.